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We know wellness and how to get you there! We deal with stressors.

Stressors are the cause of ALL of our health, weight and flexibility issues.

We consult, coach, speak, & solve for you to exceed your health goals

or simply get you out of pain!

Hudson Chiropractic, Physique Dynamics, Neuromechanics, Organic Engineering
The path to health, wellness and ultimately happiness! Reclaim your health before it is too late!

We specialize in the care of hand and foot problems!

Lifestyle Speaker/Wellness Consultant 

Try our 1 HOUR WELLNESS group lecture. In 1 hour we will give you an internal makeover and make a sudden impact on your health! Our 1 hour group wellness lectures will motivate you to spend 1 hour per week of laser beam focus on your healt

Hire Doc to speak for your group, club or company. Or call for information on hiring Doc to consult your business/company to improve employee productivity, creativity and energy! See Below!!!

Lifestyle Coach/Wellness Physician

Weight Loss Experts!!!

No long term contracts! No monthly payments!

A one time consult and fee to get you started. It’s simple and effective.

Frustrated with extra weight? Turn to the experts! We solve the most difficult weight issues with simple nutrition, motion and helping you understand how the body gains or loses pounds.

Try our free “Vegetable Seminar”

at The Wellness Epicenter 3002 Manatee Ave W Bradenton, FL

Thursday September 6th from 5:30-6:30pm

Our 1 HOUR WELLNESS personal consult tailors everything to your personal needs to give you the jumpstart you need to optimal wellness and fitness.  A personal internal makeover to make a sudden impact on your thoughts and actions.  It’s amazing what can be learned in 1 hour, AND it’s amazing what can be accomplished in just 1 hour per week. Weight loss in 1 hour per week!!!

Hire Doc to coach you personally to optimal fitness and health or treat the condition that is aggravating you and disrupting your quality of life!

Email us below now with your concerns and goals for attaining optimal health through my quick and easy program to lose weight and feel great!


Sun, sand, surf and sea seminar! The last Saturday of each month on Anna Maria Island at 46th St. on the beach! 7-8 am. Email for price, availability and health topic!

We treat virtually every joint in the body! There are exceptions, but all joints function and heal the same way.

Condition of the month: Obesity

We specialize in taking care of weight loss. With a sedentary lifestyle and overconsumption of refined sugars, it doesn’t take long for your metabolism to change. We are lifestyle behavior experts. Call for a 1 hour life altering consultation that can send you on your way to health, vitality and a good self- image.


Check out our programs!

Do you want to move well? We have programs for you to function better!

Do you want perform better? We have programs to help you improve in your sport!

Do you want to age well? We have programs to help you avoid an aging lifestyle!

Do you want to lose weight? We have programs to help you lose weight the right way!

EAT WELL TAMPA BAY  Visit “Organic Engineering” on Facebook

Wellness in the workplace: Consultant/Lifestyle Speaker/Writer

Employers face huge health care cost increases each year.

We address fundamental causes of these increases such as lifestyle behaviors at work/home.

Employees who alter their lifestyle at work/home cost the employer less – in health care and lost production!

Hire Dr. Hudson today to consult for your business or corporation to solve vital workplace issues such as rampant sick days, loss of diminished productivity or lack of creativity. He is also available speak to your group, school or company on lifestyle and wellness. Dr Hudson brings an easy classroom approach to help you digest the most current and vital health trends and apply them immediately to reap personal health rewards or improved workplace health and profitability.

Here are some testimonials from a recent presentation:

Spring 2018 Lecture Survey Evaluation: 3/30/18

“3 Silent Killers” seminar – Dr. Hudson

Pride in Wellness-State College of Florida

“I thought he was excellent!” Scared me silly 🙂
“Continues to raise the level of healthy eating”
“This was an amazing presentation and really made an impact on me. I will definitely try to implement new strategies to minimize the salt, sugar, and sitting. Thank you!”
“Nice environment to learn new things. Stem cell treatments/remedies.”
“Great seminar!!!! Great presenter!!!!”
Eat Well Move Well Perform Well Live Well

To Whom It Concern,                                                                                                      7/13/18

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Brent Hudson in my capacity as the Wellness Coordinator and Consultant here at State College of Florida, Manatee – Sarasota. Dr. Hudson’s presentation was evidence-based, well-structured, and highly engaging in its delivery and outline. His presentation style is centered around adult learning and lead to clear takeaways for our employees to implement healthier lifestyle strategies. Our expectations were surpassed and the feedback we received from our employees was outstanding.

We are looking to further collaborate with Dr. Hudson on several topics in the 2019 year. I offer my highest recommendation of Dr. Hudson’s speaking abilities and materials to other workplaces. He has definitely been an asset for our wellness program this past year.


Teresa Przetocki, MPH, CPH, CHWC

Wellness Coordinator & Coach

Human Resources – Bradenton Campus

State College of Florida, Manatee – Sarasota


Office: (941) 752-5371

Humanitarian projects:

Cuba and Disabled American Veterans

Hand & Foot Program: Walking the extra mile to lend a hand to those in need! Providing care with my hands for those whose hands and feet need treatment (Cuba) and using my feet to run for those who cannot use their hands and feet (Disabled American Veterans).

The Wellness Epicenter/Hudson Chiropractic

3002 Manatee Ave W.

Bradenton, FL. 34205 

Call (941) 746-4531

or email wellnessepicenter@gmail.com for appointments/inquiries for consult

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