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Injured in an Auto Accident?

Get care from the experts!

                           Certified Chiropractic Spinal Trauma (CCST) Specialists

We have extensive training and certification to treat soft tissue injuries!

 Know your rights! You must get examined within 14 days of your accident to get potential insurance coverage for your injuries!


Watch/Learn about Inflammation in this exclusive interview

with Amy Waterman of Yourbrilliance.com


The Wellness Weight Loss Epicenter 

                                            WEIGHT LOSS Solutions

                                                        SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE

                                     Lifestyle Behavior Modification

                      The Right Way. The Natural Way. The ONLY Way!

          1. FREE Optimal Spinal Care/Balance SEMINAR                                      Every Monday AT 5:30 PM

                         2. Optimal Nutrition/Diet Class 

                              Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm

                     3. Optimal Stretch/Strengthen Class

                           Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm

             ALL Classes AT THE WELLNESS EPICENTER                                    In the 5th Avenue”RECTANGLE” 

                                      3002 Manatee Ave W. Bradenton, FL 34209

                         Call (941)746-4531 or email wellnessepicenter@gmail.com 

      To reserve your FREE seat to jump start your journey to weight loss and true health!

                     Easy to learn and apply immediately with amazing results!

           Research Driven and Evidence Based results from the best scientists in the world!

           Did you know that most pain and disease is a result of what we feed ourselves?


                                 Do not self-destruct!


                  FREE CONSULTATION

                 Free live video consultation from anywhere (outside of Bradenton, FL)

                                 Send an email to wellnessepicenter@gmail.com 

                                                           OR call (41) 746-4531

                      We will set aside 15 minutes to discuss your health concerns!





                      March 6th: 5:30 pm @46th St. on the beach, Holmes Beach, AMI           


                                              LinkedIn Group Chats

                                                    “Quality of Life”

                                 Join in 11:29 am-11:59 am EST weekly

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                                         Lifestyle Behavior experts!


            No Hormones. No Appetite Suppressants. No Radical Diets. No Surgery. 

                                                      The Benefits

  1. Low Cost Weight Loss
  2. Improved Energy/Quality of Life
  3. Decreased Health Care Cost: Minimum of $1,500/year 
  4. Save up to $3,000/year on groceries!


                             Weight Loss Experts!!!

The American diet is 43rd in the world! Don’t you want to be in the TOP 10?

Are you fed up with being fed up with weight gain?


          Copy & paste the Japanese symbols above in the comment section below               email it for best answer to weight loss & discount coupon for weight loss counsel


                              Try the 24/7 Cleanse!*

Designed for the way the body naturally operates!

                              Sustainable health and energy by leveraging greens! 


*A dietary approach that significantly increases your odds of avoiding all the diseases and maladies that plague most Americans. From cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and arthritis to  fatty liver, cardiovascular disease and stroke. 

                                       Case Study

Cynthia has lost 19 pounds in 5 weeks. Her goal is 40 pounds by the end of the year. We alter metabolism in a natural, methodical way with water, food and exercise ONLY! No drugs, supplements or surgery. This ensures a healthy long term weight loss! Simple, safe, and satisfactory.

                 Individual Personalized Counsel or Group supported motivation

    Free Office and Beach/Park Supporting Lectures on all lifestyle behavior topics 

Weight Loss Certainty Session

80 minute personalized session and program outline to lose weight the right way and only way!


Frustrated with extra weight?

Are you in crisis mode?

Do you eat to live or do you you live to eat? 

We solve the most difficult weight issues with simple nutrition, motion, and personalized education to help you understand how the body gains or loses pounds, and guide you to a healthy, happy self.

A Cornell University study found that we make 221 decisions per day just about the food we eat! It only takes one decision to start a new habit! 

                              Lifestyle Behavior = Quality of Life

                                  I teach people how to eat and how to move


                                Condition of the month: Pre-Diabetes

The USA has perfected a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle, with over consumption of refined sugars, so it doesn’t take long for your metabolism to change. 

Sugar is the link to most diseases, sickness and illness! Click on “Sugar”  for articles!

We are lifestyle behavior experts! Dr. Hudson has been involved in fitness instruction, weight loss and health care for over 35 years! Call for a free consultation that can send you on your way to weight loss and pain free healthy living, or attend our free monthly weight loss seminar to see and hear if our program is right for you. Are you ready to make the changes necessary?

Weight management is good for you, and for society. We are waiting to help you!  


              Lifestyle Speaker/Wellness Consultant


Hire Doc to speak for your school, group, or company. Call for information on hiring Doc to consult your business/company to improve employee productivity, creativity and energy! Click here!

                                 Current Topics

                Salt, Sugar & Sitting! Healthy Adults

                         Arthritis and Motion

                                 Inflammatory Diet

                                          Ounces & Pounds! Healthy Kids Tampa Bay™

                                                       List of Lectures

Department of Health, State College of Florida, Tropicana, Occupational Nurses of Tampa Bay, Manatee County Mosquito Control, Rotary Club, Hampton Inn, Peridia Golf Club, St. Stephen’s High School, Manatee County School District


                        State College of Florida

                            Seminar 3/30/18 “3 Silent Killers” Dr. Hudson


“I thought he was excellent!”

“This was an amazing presentation and really made an impact on me. Thank you”

“Great seminar!!!! Great presenter!!!!”

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Brent Hudson in my capacity as the Wellness Coordinator and Consultant here at State College of Florida, Manatee – Sarasota. Dr. Hudson’s presentation was evidence-based, well-structured, and highly engaging in its delivery and outline. His presentation style is centered around adult learning and lead to clear takeaways for our employees to implement healthier lifestyle strategies. Our expectations were surpassed and the feedback we received from our employees was outstanding. We are looking to further collaborate with Dr. Hudson on several topics in the 2019 year. I offer my highest recommendation of Dr. Hudson’s speaking abilities and materials to other workplaces. He has definitely been an asset for our wellness program this past year.
Teresa Przetocki, MPH, Wellness Coordinator State College of Florida



Sun, Sand, Surf & Sea Seminar

80 minute Lifestyle Behavior & Wellness Seminar at 46th Street Beach, Anna Maria Island.


The last Saturday of each month on Anna Maria Island at 46th St. on the beach!  Click here for vitality! Next: March 6th, 2020 @ 6:59 am! $19.99/person.

                                                                Sign up below!





           Lifestyle Consultant/Travel & Health Writer

Hire Dr. Hudson to consult with you personally or for your business/corporation to solve vital workplace issues. He is available to speak to any group, club, school or company on lifestyle behavior, weight loss, nutrition and fitness. He can also write a healthy article to stimulate your business or school to higher levels of health.



          Recent Humanitarian projects

Cuba Rural Health Care ’16 

Disabled American Veterans ’17

Habitat for Humanity ’19 through Villanova University, Tampa, FL 9/21/19

A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) ’19


Many diseases are a result of overconsumption of inflammatory substances

                                             A.L.S. (LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE) 

Affects the motor system and devastates the human body, causing a wasting away of muscles leading to a miserable demise.


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The Wellness Epicenter/Hudson Chiropractic

3002 Manatee Ave W.

Bradenton, FL. 34205 

Call (941) 746-4531 or wellnessepicenter@gmail.com

Get rid of weight anywhere on your body, from any location on the planet!

Change your center of gravity!

We do remote online power weight loss sessions!

Request a free consultation! Ask us any questions about health!!!



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