See Doc Run


See Doc Run for the Disabled Veterans on November 12th, 2017! This is a special endurance race set up for 100% of the funds raised going to the DAV. Consider sponsoring Doc on where all proceeds go directly to DAV. Doc will run nearly 30 miles along the beach to raise awareness for Disabled Veterans.

Update: See Doc Run is in the books. We are looking forward to the 2nd annual See Doc Run in 2018 which looks to become a much bigger event to raise awareness and funds for the Disabled American Veterans. Thank  you to all who donated money and all the businesses who doanted giftcards!!!


These 3 seemingly innocent and common things are at the core of the health crisis in the USA. I have recently been speaking on the subject, and while the verbal response has been positive, the habits of the audience change very little. The reason is simple. The USA corrals people into unhealthy habits which are generally addictive and difficult to escape. So, we nod our heads yes that these 3 things are bad, like bobbleheads, but we can’t say no as we continue these bad habits because we have become numb to their ill effects on the body.